culver_city_sign2.jpgThe City of Culver City is at a crossroads. As we approach our 100th anniversary, we are facing critical financial, development and energy choices that will impact us for decades to come.

Göran Eriksson is a longtime resident who loves Culver City because he knows Culver City and believes in its future. Göran is creative, open-minded and will do the work necessary to make the difficult choices that truly benefit all residents of Culver City.

A longtime a champion of neighborhoods, Göran wants to ensure that the city provides a sustainable level of services to protect the safety, health, and welfare of everyone who lives and works in Culver City. He wants to bring his extensive knowledge of technology and sustainable strategies to City Hall so that Culver City can take advantage of the cutting-edge approaches that will have a lasting impact on our community’s sustainability.

Above all, Göran wants to create a financial legacy for Culver City that will allow our community to be successful for the next 100 years. The difficult budget decisions that are made today will impact our community for decades to come, and Göran’s hard work, keen budget knowledge and ability to cut through red tape will help our city stay on firm financial footing as it faces the difficult challenges before it.

From great parks and a vibrant business community to a sustainable vision for our environmental and financial future, Göran will work constructively with residents, business owners and city staff to lead Culver City to its best days yet.