The Environment


Environment.jpgSwitching city fleets to alternative fuels and recycling can make a real difference for the environment, but Göran is always looking at the bigger picture.

Culver City should switch to renewable fuels such as renewable natural gas, thus eliminating any green house gas contribution. Did you know that no equipment needs to be changed and the costs are equal to or less than that of natural gas? 

Göran also wants to change the way we collect and discharge of our municipal solid waste. “As a city we should aim for ‘Waste Zero – Zero Waste,’” he says. “Our trash has a value which can be monetized. Organic waste can be made into renewable natural gas instead of composting, plastic film can be sold at a high value if separated correctly.  And all businesses should be included in the effort.

“I want to make sure that Culver City is a leader among Westside cities as we work toward the goal of jointly achieving ‘Waste Zero – Zero Waste.’”

Göran also believes the city should work towards making it easy for Culver City residents to utilize the solar electricity they generate themselves when the grid is down. In an earthquake, for example, residents should be able switch their solar electricity to their own local use – something we are not allowed do today. Göran is committed to working with the city, our solar and electrical utility providers to make this a reality.

Southern California is in the midst of an historic drought, so every drop of water is critical. There are relatively inexpensive ways of enabling rainwater to recharge our ground water instead of disappearing into the ocean down Ballona Creek as it does today. Göran will encourage the city to explore proven techniques to make the most of our stormwater runoff.

While oil drilling has occurred in the hills of Culver City for decades, Göran believes it is critical to make sure any oil production in our city, or in the county-owned oil fields adjacent to Culver City, is done safely and does no harm to our residents. “The city is currently pushing forward on an environmental impact report to examine potential impacts oil drillers are having today and could have in the future, but that is not enough,” Göran says. “We also need to work closely with the state, the county and the City of Los Angeles to establish firm guidelines that protect all local residents.”

Everyone talks about traffic and the importance of finding new ways to take cars off the road and make commutes easier, but Göran has tangible plans for making that happen. One of his goals is to work regionally to create “green waves” on our major thoroughfares. Non-synchronized red traffic lights creates more pollution and gridlock.

It takes energy to gear down and accelerate up again, not to mention the environmental cost of increased carbon emissions every time you get going again. When compared to cruising, stopping at a traffic light causes a car to emit four times the pollution, according to Environmental Research Web. A stopping bus emits 11 times as much pollution as when it’s cruising.

Goran is committed to working with all stakeholders in our region to make this a reality.