Safe Streets and Services

Excellent public safety services are a pillar of Culver City's identity. Göran believes that it is critical to support our police and fire departments, making sure the men and women who protect Culver City every day have the tools they need to be successful. We have replaced aging fire equipment, and we now need to upgrade our dispatch system to shorten response times and ensure our police officers and firefighters have the information they need before they get in harm's way.

The Culver City Fire Department is the only city in California - and one of only 9 nationwide - to be both accredited by the Commission on Fire Accreditation International and awarded a Class 1 designation by the Insurance Services Organization.

Culver City has maintained the rapid response times that our safety services are known for, but the demands on the men and women of our Police and Fire Departments are increasing. They know that Göran will continue to provide the resources necessary to live up to that standard.