Key Issues

Since moving to Culver City in 1988, Göran has proven to be a strong and effective leader. He understands the issues. He works diligently to solve problems. He fights for the best interests of Culver City.

Culver City has changed for the better in so many ways, and yet it has retained the strengths that have always made it a great place to live: Community. Individuality. Creativity.  Learn more about how Göran’s ideas for making Culver City even better:


The Environment

Switching city fleets to alternative fuels and recycling can make a real difference for the environment, but Göran is always looking at the bigger picture. Culver City should more

City Finances

While Culver City’s economic outlook is positive, there are many challenges ahead. From rapidly increasing insurance and medical costs for city employees to costs associated with the federally mandated remediation of storm water/urban runoff that will cost our city upwards of $150 million dollars,  Culver City needs more

Affordable Housing

Culver City is a highly desirable place to live and work, but we need to make sure we have adequate workforce and affordable housing to serve our city. Göran will more

Economic Development

In an era without Redevelopment, Culver City will have to be more creative and work harder to attract and retain the kinds of jobs we want in our city. Göran believes in exploring more

Safe Streets and Services

Excellent public safety services are a pillar of Culver City's identity. Göran believes that it is critical to support our police and fire departments, making sure the men and women who protect Culver City every day have the tools they need to be successful more

Accessible, Responsible Government

One of the things that sets Culver City apart from Los Angeles is the fact that Culver City government is truly accessible to each and every one of us. We bump into our elected officials at the grocery store or dining at a restaurant, but that kind of accessibility is only part of the equation more

Healthy Neighborhoods

Göran believes that walkable neighborhoods are the key to a better quality of life for Culver City. Being able to walk easily between our shops, restaurants and homes is the best way to keep our air clean, our stress levels low, and our bodies healthy. From east Culver City to Downtown and more