Healthy Neighborhoods


GE_PublicTransport.jpgGöran believes that walkable neighborhoods are the key to a better quality of life for Culver City. Being able to walk easily between our shops, restaurants and homes is the best way to keep our air clean, our stress levels low, and our bodies healthy. From east Culver City to Downtown and from west Culver City to Raintree Plaza and Westfield Culver City, we are able to find more of what we need closer to home. Our parks have been undergoing a substantial amount of renovation and our City is making great strides towards sustainability. Göran will keep those efforts going strong.

As someone who grew up in Sweden where public transportation truly works, Göran is committed to finding effective and convenient ways to link Culver City’s neighborhoods and business districts with the recently built Expo Line station.

“Having a stop in our city is an incredible opportunity, but one that we must take advantage of”, Göran says. “We need to explore more efficient, better and more frequent connections between the Culver City station, the station at La Cienega and Jefferson and the places commuters want to go. Solving the ‘final mile’ problem is critical if we ever want to have a public transportation system that satisfies commuter needs and serves as a viable alternative to driving.”

Göran will work to improve our parks and the programs we offer in them so that Culver City meets the needs of our ever-changing population. Göran will also be an advocate for reimagining the under-utilized Ballona Bike path and the Culver Boulevard bike path as part of a safe and convenient network of separated bike paths that connect to the Metro and bus systems. Goran is committed not only utilizing the Ballona Bike Path more efficiently, but to working regionally and locally to improve the viability of Ballona Creek and its many potential recreational opportunities.

Göran will seek out public/private partnerships that would encourage employees to increase the use of public transportation on a more regular basis.