Economic Development


GE_EconomicDev.jpgIn an era without Redevelopment, Culver City will have to be more creative and work harder to attract and retain the kinds of jobs we want in our city. Göran believes in exploring public/private partnerships to enhance technology infrastructure and make the area more attractive for potential businesses. In addition, he supports the idea of working with cutting-edge businesses to uncover ways in which the city can make doing business in Culver City easier and more efficient. Göran believes Culver City should establish economic development and quality jobs as a top priority, collaborating with businesses to offer creative solution options, fee payment schedules that encourage investment, and business license automation.

Göran is also a proponent of utilizing development agreements, special zones, film-friendly ordinances, streamlined permitting, and more to induce desired economic development results. Since time saved is money to a business’s bottom line, it is important for Culver City to offer one-stop service, over-the-counter approvals, parallel processing of permits, and quick online business license approval. The city should also endeavor to stick to a timely and consistent permit approval process, establish development flow charts with timelines and costs, and allow online permit applications and approvals.