City Finances

While Culver City’s economic outlook is positive, there are many challenges ahead. From rapidly increasing insurance and medical costs for city employees to costs associated with the federally mandated remediation of storm water/urban runoff that will cost our city upwards of $150 million dollars,  Culver City needs Göran’s strong and responsible fiscal management skills and experience now more than ever.

As chair of the city’s Financial Advisory Committee, Göran has pushed for increased community involvement in the city budget process, updated the city’s current financial policies and extended the city’s long-term financial forecast.

Under his leadership, the Finance Advisory Committee has developed:

  • A Measure Y quarterly fact sheet and communication plan to keep residents apprised of how revenues from the city’s half-cent sales tax are being spent,
  • Recommendations regarding the city’s financial transparency strategy that shine a brighter light on where tax dollars go and
  • Recommendations regarding the communication of financial information on the city website to allow anyone to see the city’s financial plans.

 There is still work to be done to ensure this community’s long-term financial viability.

Göran will aggressively capitalize on our well-deserved reputation as a great place to live, work and play. He supports the city’s efforts to create a high-speed fiber infrastructure and will step up our business recruitment and retention efforts to continue attracting the high-quality, low-impact businesses that will both support our top-notch city services and add to our quality of life.

Göran will place a high priority on addressing the city’s infrastructure needs, including roadway and sidewalk maintenance. He believes an investment today will save the city from much larger expenses in the future, while also limiting the city’s liabilities.

Göran is committed to working with the Culver City Unified School District to find potential efficiency improvements and savings through enhanced cooperation and joint use agreements for various city- and school-owned facilities.