Affordable Housing

Culver City is a highly desirable place to live and work, but we need to make sure we have adequate workforce and affordable housing to serve our city. Göran will implement a multi-pronged approach to create workforce and affordable housing, encouraging developers to build more affordable housing units in our city and demanding that Sacramento return much-needed funds earmarked for affordable housing to the city level, which would allow the city to provide housing that is affordable to people of all socio-economic levels.

Of primary concern is the creation of affordable senior housing that would allow seniors to age in place instead of being priced out of the community where they have spent all or most of their lives. Göran believes Culver City can also address the affordable housing crisis by working cooperatively with the county and the state to develop a rental assistance program that is more comprehensive and would allow the city to phase out its existing program, which relies on General Fund dollars.